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Education and training 1992 - 1998 University “ Bucharest,” Bachelor of Design in Textile Design Romania - Tapestry - Printing Works Department



MAR7 2014

Don’t We Belong Here? – Showcase and Exhibition

“Join us for a riveting evening of performances and art works on the themes of ‘Home and Belonging,’ at the bar/lounge of the East Oxford Community Centre.

We want to bring migration and refugee studies beyond the academic field, into people’s experiences of borders and displacement.

The evening is bringing together compelling artists from the university, the community, and beyond, pushing the themes of the show to unexpected horizons, and tring to bridge the town and gown divide. Because movement is our human experience. It’s our story.”

Daniel Balanescu’s Running Man.
Different stories, made one in a single frame

A live art project you’ll be able to take part in at the showcase.

D A N G – DANG (danger ) 2001- 2010


Mixed Media on textile support and canvas

Dead – The Bad The Good and The Ugly

Eco anarchists